Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rosie's Diner, Leeds.

On the back of my most recent post, here's another foodie review!

I'm at home, in Leeds, for the week which means catching up with friends and a lot of doing absolutely nothing really! Last night me and my mum went for food with a family friend. Hoping to go for a All-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, we discovered out local buffet had actually been closed down (WHAT), so we decided to go to Rosie's Diner, a couple doors down. Rosie's is quite a popular eatery in Leeds, with its fully decked out 1950's themed restaurant and bar situated right next to a very popular nightclub Control which makes it a common stop for those looking to pre-drink somewhere without having to walk far from the main destination!

I have visited Rosie's once before, and I wasn't that impressed with the food. But in all fairness, the joint had just opened up and were still getting to grips with what worked and what didn't. What I fell in love with was the interior.

Retro booths, padded red leather seating and those metal tables with the rounded edges, complete with a small selection of 1950s pop culture memorabilia adoring the walls and an actual american school bus which acts as the focal point of the whole restaurant but is usually reserved for tables with children. They also have a pool table and jukebox. It all looks very authentic. 

As for the menu, you'd find your typical American favourites - a selection of burgers, steaks and an all day American breakfast. I, having already had a Nandos earlier in the day (whoops) wanted something small to nibble on while my mum chattered away with Tina. So I opted for nachos with the extra option of pulled pork. But small it was not! 

I cannot deny they were so so so yummy, but I ended up leaving half the dish because it was SOOOO large - I'll admit I ordered from the sharers section, dishes designed for sharing, but I still believe that this is too big for two people! I was so stuffed. 

I also ordered a oreo milkshake which came to me in a cute little milk bottle, with a huge pile of whipped cream on top. Went down perfectly after my poor attempt at the nachos, definitely refreshing. 

Verdict: All in all, I wish I handed been to Nandos for lunch! Then maybe I would have been able to finish off my dish. The atmosphere was nice and chilled out, with a range of 50's and 60's tunes playing in keeping with the retro theme and aesthetic. I do feel it was quite highly priced - the milkshake coming in at £4.95. I would go again, for third time, I have yet to test out the desserts!!

Overall rating - ***

leanne x

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