Friday, 4 September 2015

Back from Hiatus!

Hey! So I'm back after a short summer hiatus - it's getting back to that time of early wintery mornings trudging my way to uni after a "break" (does moving house and working count as a summer break? I think not).

 I'll be 100% honest, I cannot wait to go back to uni, to get stuck into my second year head first: researching, drawing, designing, making, styling, the stress! So excited. Second Year is going to be so much more full on than First Year, and this time around I don't have as many personal set backs (tip for freshers - do not go to uni with a boyfriend, just saying), so I'm going into second year with a clean slate ✌

Anyway, as I promised in my last post - that seemed so long ago! - I thought I'd show you all what I've been up to this summer in regards to my summer project assigned to me from my course leaders. The project title is "Generic", and the aim is to extensively research three 'generic' garments, vintage or other wise and document the findings. Sounds simple right? Wrong. First of, attempting to define what a 'generic' garment is was so open to interpretation that I found myself actually Googling the term "generic garments" which brought up various Pinterest boards which I found didn't really help as this was work that already existed. But I took inspiration from these boards and started my own and started scouring Pinterest. If you're interested, this is said "Generic Project" Pinterest board. The collection of images I started to gather acted as a springboard into beginning my project. I looked at Denim jackets first of all - inspired by my own vintage Levi's denim jacket that I live in - but decided that this was way to popular, I feel many people would choose to research a denim jacket. It's too generic! Delving deeper and deeper into Pinterest I stumbled across an image of a Varsity jacket, which eventually snowballed into a lot of images of varsity jackets, as well as military and authority uniforms (if you do observe my board, you'll notice a slight American theme). At this point I had ideas for my three garments and started looking where I could actually purchase them.

Long story short I purchased:

A vintage mint condition American varsity jacket. ♥

And some extra boring (dad) cargo shorts. 
A vintage American security shirt (this has a really cool embroidered patch on the right sleeve)

And so, I began my research. Starting with drawings and illustrations. So far, I only have begun looking at the shorts and the varsity jacket.

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'd have seen my progress with my varsity jacket. Like I said, I have begun research into the shorts too, but I've been focusing a lot on the jacket as its just so beautiful! And it has provided me with a lot to work with. But theres a lot more to come!!

I have loads planned; such as collages, styling shoots, samples, mock ups and even maybe some design work. So stay tuned!

leanne x

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