Saturday, 4 April 2015

Savage Beauty @ the V&A - 17th March.

As a leaving present from my old job in Leeds, my wonderful boss bought me two tickets for Savage Beauty - a retrospective exhibition of Alexander McQueen's work. I was so privileged and lucky to have had the opportunity to firstly spend the day in London, and secondly experience McQueen's work first hand - and that is exactly what is was, an experience.

 Me and my friend Dani left for London around lunch time, packed lunches and fully charged phones at the ready, leaving Manchester Piccadilly in first class on Virgin Trains (we'd somehow been bumped up to first class. We weren't complaining!), and sat back and relaxed for three hours of extra leg room, free wifi and complimentary food and drinks for the entire duration of the journey.

The tomato soup and bread roll were to die for. 
We took advantage of the free food, and took everything we were offered. Which ended up saving us spending money in London for lunch!

We arrived in London Euston around 14:00, our time slot at the V&A wasn't until 15:00, so we slowly made our way to South Kensington via the tube. This was very exciting for me, as I'd never been o the tube before, and I'm so glad I'd chosen Dani to come with me as she knows London very well being a Southerner!

Upon arriving at the V&A, I was blown away by the majestic beauty of the building itself. I've never seen anything like it! We'd arrived early, so we had a strut around the rest of the museum before queuing for Savage Beauty. 

The permanent collections at the museum were very interesting, definitely right up my street - historic artefacts from different cultures and parts of the world including Renaissance Italy and ancient China. I particularly enjoyed the British History of Fashion collection, showcasing pieces from throughout fashion history. 

I loved these historic dresses. Top 1910s. Bottom, 1700s. 

Here's quite an unclear snap of me from the day. I was wearing a vintage dogtooth swing jacket my mum bought me from a charity shop in Bournemouth, my cord circle skirt from Urban Outfitters and my long sleeved roll neck jumper again a gift from my mum, which she got from Matalan. I also had on my vintage leather belt, which you can't see from the image. I wanted to be comfortable for the journey to and from London, yet remaining at a standard set for London and McQueen - so I went for mostly black. 

The exhibition itself had me gob-smacked. It was eery, and hauntingly intimidating definitely a direct representation of McQueen as a designer and his work. I found it extremely successful. The feeling of just witnessing the garments in person were enough to leave anyone speechless. Even when not strutting down the catwalk, they had the ability to shock and keep you questioning the conformity of what is beauty and the ideal female form. McQueen broke these boundaries, and made it seem possible to wear extremely low cut trousers, or a dress that was made from horsehair. We weren't allowed to take photos, but I took some on the sly - I just had to! 

I managed to snap the armadillo dress worn by Lady Gaga in her music video for Bad Romance. I was so starstruck - by a dress! McQueen and Gaga's relationship before his death in 2011 was an iconic one, Gaga was and is continuously inspired by his work. 

The day was a full and busy one, if I were to describe everything Dani and I got up to on our travels I'd be here for days. Stomping about London just confirmed my dreams of living it up in the capital at some point in my life, it's so beautiful. 

leanne x 

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