Sunday, 5 April 2015

Realisation Photoshoot.

This post is long over due! Better late then never!
This term saw the most stressful project I've ever had to take on - Realisation. The brief was to combine the work of an "outsider artist", with a sub-culture. I chose to look at the work of Martin Ramirez and combined his use of repetitive lines with the outrageous aesthetic of the New 

Here are the final photos of the outcome of this project - in my garment I attempted to include as many receptive elements I could think of, especially repetitive lines. This can be seen in the skirt itself and the multicoloured stripe fabric I chose to work with, as well as the excessive use of ruffles on the neckline (a New Romantics twist there), which I embroidered black curved patterns onto white  silk chiffon. I'm very proud of my work, this is the very first garment I have made independently that actually fits a model perfectly!

In the shoot, I wanted to demonstrate the fullness of the skirt, so I asked my first-time model Natalie to twirl for me a million times. I used the burst feature on my iPhone to capture every frame. 
The styling I kept minimal - hair out of the face so that the neckline could be seen clearly, and little make-up to not distract from the busy, colourful skirt. Against a dark background allowed for the repetitive features of my garment to really stand out - to me it looks as if my dress is floating!
Overall, I was very pleased with the outcome of my project and my shoot. I have many improvements to make and mistakes to make sure I don't repeat in the future, but for my first ever garment at Degree level I couldn't be happier!

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