Sunday, 12 April 2015

Manchester School Of Art Year 1 and 2 Fashion Show 2015

Again, this is a long over due post, a personal review of my year's end of project fashion show.
The show was to showcase the work produced as an outcome from our most recent Realisation project (which I wrote about previously in my final styling photos). The show took place in our exhibition space in the Benzi building of the Manchester Art School on the 3rd of March.
Prior to the show, we spent one or two days preparing the models and their looks - the idea was to create a capsule collection where garments were styled with other peoples work. The result was fresh,   exciting and straight from the young creative minds of Manchester based fashion students.

Naturally - my work was included in the show! My dress was styled over patch work boho-esque dress by Polly Davis. I was so proud to see both our dresses being run down the catwalk, was so exciting and gave me a taste of things to come. Hopefully more of my work will be going down a catwalk some day! Photo credit for my look goes to Aly Henshall.

Here are a few of my own shots of my favourite looks by my peers from the show. 

The night was such a success, and everyone had worked so hard to get it to run smoothly. 
I can't wait for future shows! 

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